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In courtrooms from San Diego to Washington DC, our lawyers’ proven litigation skills have built a track record of success that is second to none. Our reputations as skilled, aggressive trial lawyers with signature case preparation and attention to detail often expedite resolution.
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We Are Highly Experienced Trial Lawyers, Not Just ‘Litigators’

The lawyers at Mazzarella Law APC have tried over 125 cases to conclusion before judges, juries and arbitrators from San Diego to Washington D.C. If your dispute has to be tried, you don’t want your lawyer to be “practicing” on your case. While most cases settle or are dismissed before trial, a lawyer’s trial experience, or lack of it, can have a significant impact not just on trial results, but also on the terms of any settlement. When considering settlement, it is important that your opponent knows that if the case goes to trial, you will be represented by an attorney who tries and wins cases. We have that reputation.

We Manage To Get The Best Results

At Mazzarella Law APC whoever is responsible for preparing a case for trial, or positioning it for the best possible settlement, does most of the work on the case. We don’t spread work around depending upon who happens to be available at the moment. As a result, our trial lawyers know every detail about their cases; which leads to better results. In the process we also avoid inflated bills caused by inefficient and costly delegation.

Client Testimonials

“I asked Mark Mazzarella to represent me because he’s a fighter who I knew would sweat bullets if that is what it took to win—and win we did!”

– Mike Aguirre

Client Testimonials

“I’ve asked Mark Mazzarella to handle litigation matters for my companies and my family for 25 years. He’s come through for us every time.”

– Papa Doug Manchester

Client Testimonials

“I’ve worked with Mark Mazzarella since 1992… His thorough understanding of both the legal and business issues which arise in real estate matters, and his abilities as a trial lawyer, make him a truly unique resource.”

– Doug Wilson

Client Testimonials

“I can always rely on them to get the best possible results because of their ability to quickly absorb the facts, and to integrate their knowledge of the real estate and construction businesses into their handling of my matters.”

– Jeff Phair

Client Testimonials

“We resolved the dispute quickly, with very little cost, and without litigation as a result of Mark’s practical advice. I’ve looked to Mark ever since when I needed sound legal advice. He’s never disappointed me”

– Larry Watanabe

Client Testimonials

“I first retained Mark Mazzarella eight years ago…. I was impressed by his sensitivity to keeping costs to a minimum, his efficiency and his ability to achieve outstanding results without breaking the bank in the process.”

– Matt DiNofia

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