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About Mazzarella Law APC

At Mazzarella Law APC, our firm is composed of the most highly regarded trial lawyers who represent companies and individuals with business and real estate disputes. Our formula for the success we have enjoyed over the years is as simple as it is effective.

First, we don’t spread work among countless lawyers, paralegals and law clerks. When it comes to staffing cases, our philosophy is “less is more.” Lawyers who are responsible to resolve a matter, whether through settlement or trial, are at an advantage if they have personally handled the pretrial meetings, motions, discovery and trial preparation. This concentration of effort not only enhances our knowledge of our cases, it avoids the unnecessary costs that inevitably result from extensive delegation.

Mazzarella Law APC — A Powerful Voice For Your Rights In Court

Size matters. But big is not always better. And, in fact, in our business it is seldom better. Most cases are best handled by one attorney with primary responsibility and a second attorney to assist and provide backup as needed. Add a paralegal or document clerk and you have the optimal trial team for 99 percent of the cases that arise in San Diego County. That is how cases are staffed at Mazzarella Law APC.

You won’t see a dozen attorneys, paralegals and clerks billing time. And, because of that, we avoid the costs of getting a steady stream of newcomers to a case “up to speed,” and, more important, we assure that essential facts are not overlooked by someone unfamiliar with the case, and that critical knowledge of those facts resides with those who will try the case, not spread out among a dozen or more individuals whose knowledge of the facts will do no one any good.

Second, we listen to our clients and understand the practical motivations and constraints that exist in every dispute, which can be just as important as the bare facts. Our attorneys bring a wealth of business experience and practical wisdom and experience to every case. In addition to managing our own firms, we have managed large local, regional and national law firms, and we have many years of experience as licensed real estate brokers, developers and licensed general contractors.

Third, armed with the thorough knowledge of the facts and a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives, we aggressively pursue the best possible resolution for our clients. If a settlement is the best alternative, either because the facts of the case are problematic, or because protracted litigation and trial are not a practical alternatives, we aggressively pursue a course designed to achieve the best possible settlement. If trial is likely, we prepare and execute a discovery plan that is focused, thorough and consistent with our clients’ practical budgetary limitations. (See publications, “How to Prepare and Try Your Case Without Breaking the Bank,” ABTL Report.)

Finally, if trial is the best alternative, we have the experience, skill and tenacity to achieve the best possible result before a judge, jury or arbitrator. We have tried cases in state and federal courts from San Diego to Washington, D.C. Mazzarella Law APC boasts two of the 17 lawyers (from among 16,000 active attorneys in San Diego) being named to “San Diego Super Lawyers” list in the “Business Litigation” category by Thomson Reuters through its extensive peer review process. Each year our lawyers receive the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethics as a result of peer review performed through Martindale-Hubbell legal directory. We also are recognized routinely by our peers as among San Diego’s “Top Attorneys” and “Best Attorneys” in San Diego Daily Transcript, San Diego Business Journal, San Diego Magazine, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, CNN and USA Today.

You will not find better lawyers anywhere, or at any price, than at Mazzarella Law APC. Nor will you receive the attention and continuity elsewhere that we provide our clients. And, you need not be concerned that you won’t be taken seriously if you are represented by a small firm. We have a well-deserved reputation as aggressive, skilled and professional trial lawyers with both the bench and the bar, which gives us unsurpassed credibility when we appear in a case on behalf of our clients.

Whether you are contemplating a change from your current trial counsel, or looking to retain trial attorneys for the first time, we would be honored if you chose to entrust Mazzarella Law APC with your matter.


As any experienced consumer of legal services knows, the “go to” attorney you know and trust doesn’t always have the expertise you need. Litigation can require input from every legal specialty imaginable. A tax lawyer may need to be consulted to structure a settlement. A criminal lawyer may need to get involved because of potential criminal or administrative fallout. A real estate lawyer may need to draft a deed. The list is virtually endless.

When one of our clients needs legal expertise we do not have, we handle the referral in a way very few big firm lawyers can. We are free to recommend any of the thousands of lawyers in San Diego, or if necessary elsewhere in California or across the U.S. Most large multidepartmental firms have a policy, unwritten if not expressed, that if there is a lawyer in the firm with the needed area of expertise, any referrals are kept within the firm. Not so with us.

If you want extraordinary results, you need extraordinary lawyers.

In 1991, when Mark Mazzarella opened the firm that now bears the name Mazzarella Law APC, the concept was simple. Maintain the same high standards for hiring and work quality that rare firms, such as those with which Mark Mazzarella had worked, offer. But eliminate the bureaucracy staffing inherent in large firms which dilutes the trial attorney’s opportunity to obtain trial experience to virtually nothing in some cases, and leads to larger than necessary attorney’s fees and costs in most. With the responsibility for the litigation assumed by those few attorneys and paralegals who will try the case, knowledge is concentrated where it needs to be — with those who will try the case — and not spread among countless junior partners, associates, paralegals, clerks and others, some who may even have an office in states across the country. And with centralized knowledge, work product is enhanced considerably, which is reflected in the results.

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