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For Referral Clients

As any experienced consumer of legal services knows, the “go to” attorney you know and trust doesn’t always have the expertise you need. Litigation can require input from every legal specialty imaginable. A tax lawyer may need to be consulted to structure a settlement. A criminal lawyer may need to get involved because of potential criminal or administrative fallout. A real estate lawyer may need to draft a deed. The list is virtually endless.

When one of our clients needs legal expertise we do not have, we handle the referral in a way very few big firm lawyers can. We are free to recommend any of the thousands of lawyers in San Diego, or if necessary elsewhere in California or across the U.S.

If you want extraordinary results, you need extraordinary lawyers.

In 1991, when Mark Mazzarella opened the firm which now bears the name Mazzarella Law APC, the concept was simple. Maintain the same high standards for hiring and work quality that rare firms, such as those with which Mark Mazzarella had worked, offer. But eliminate the bureaucracy staffing inherent in large firms which dilutes the trial attorneys opportunity to obtain trial experience to virtually nothing in some cases, and leads to larger than necessary attorney’s fees and costs in most. With the responsibility for the litigation assumed by those few attorneys and paralegals who will try the case, knowledge is concentrated where it needs to be — with those who will try the case, not spread among countless junior partners, associates, paralegals, clerks and others, some who may even have an office in states across the country. And with centralized knowledge, work product is enhanced considerably, which is reflected in the results.