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About Us

Mazzarella Law APC is, by choice, a small but extremely effective firm or trial lawyers. Having spent years in management positions at big firms, we know that while size has its appeal, it has its drawbacks as well. Ultimately, it is the skill and reputation of the lawyer who represents you, and the team that supports him or her, that counts. Most cases are best handled by one attorney with primary responsibility for the case, and a second attorney assigned to assist and provide back up as needed. Add a paralegal or document clerk and a legal assistant, and you have the optimal trial team for the vast majority of cases. That is how cases are staffed at Mazzarella Law APC. Our clients don’t receive bills with a dozen attorneys, paralegals and clerks billing time. We carefully select, limit and manage the trial team for each case, to ensure that critical facts and law necessary to obtain the best result are known by the lawyer who will ultimately settle or try the case, not spread out among a host of people. This not only leads to superior results, it avoids the inefficiency and costs which are inherent in delegation.

Of course, some cases demand more support than others. We can, and have, successfully represented clients in extremely complex cases involving millions of pages of documents, scores of witnesses and more than $500,000,000 at stake. At Mazzarella Law APC, our systems, technology and staffing can be tailored to effectively meet the needs of even the largest cases. When a case requires additional personnel or technological support, we don’t provide it by calling upon whoever in the firm has time available, which is what happens in large firms. We are free to associate the very best attorneys and retain the best technological support for the job from throughout San Diego and beyond.

As with any profession, the quality of legal services depends upon the intelligence, drive, temperament, training and experience of the individual lawyers handling the case. Resumes are important, and our lawyers’ backgrounds are as impressive anyone’s. But it is performance that counts. The lawyers at Mazzarella Law APC have proven over many decades that we have what it takes to get the best possible results for our clients, whether through settlement or trial. We have tried over 125 cases to conclusion before judges, juries and arbitrators from San Diego to Washington D.C., with remarkable results. Our skill and consistent success has been recognized year after year when our lawyers are named as “San Diego’s Top Attorneys,” the Best Attorneys in San Diego,” and “San Diego Super Lawyers,” in virtually every peer review poll of San Diego lawyers and judges.

The lawyer within the large firms where Mark began his career also recognized his business judgment and ability to get results. Mark Mazzarella’s partners made him the chair of the trial departments of two of the most respected large firms in California, one by his 8th and a second by his 12th year in practice.

Our attorneys’ experience outside their law practice also sets them apart from the pack. For example, Mark Mazzarella has been a California Licensed Real Estate Broker and a principal in entities which have built or renovated over 1100 apartment and condominium/loft units. In addition to almost 40 years of legal experience, he brings a wealth of practical knowledge about business in general, and the real estate industry in particular, to every case. We understand not just the legal issues that arise in the cases we handle; we understand the practical factors which may be at play, which can be just as important.

Whether measured by academic credentials, success in the courtroom, reputation in the community, or proven judgment in both legal and business environments, the attorneys at Mazzarella Law APC don’t take a second seat to anyone.