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In 2012 Mark Mazzarella co-founded the Center for Responsible Science, an influential group of scientific, medical, regulatory, legal and business professionals dedicated to promoting the FDA’s use of regulatory science for modern and efficient drug and device development.

Mark was asked by Kristina Hancock to co-found the group and serve as it’s first general counsel which he remained general counsel for about three years before phasing out his involvement in 2015.

Recently, NPR ran a story about the warnings that are being given to the people who are volunteering to participate in the final stage 3 testing for the two leading vaccines. Mark worked alongside with other CRS associate, Tammy Drake, to draft a Petition to the FDA, with the goal of changing the rules to require more extensive disclosures to clinical trial participants.

This includes disclosing that the testing in stage 1 and stage 2 for “safety,” relied on lab and animal testing which has little correlation to human response. Only, approximately, 12% of animal reactions correspond to human reactions.

Mark also drafted the original complaint on behalf of John Tessmer, an actor and Yale graduate who volunteered for clinical trial, and filed suit in 2017.

CRS was able to verify that at least 20 people died in clinical trials during the previous year.

Our attorneys have unique qualifications that set us apart. For example, Mark Mazzarella has been a California licensed real estate broker and a principal in entities that have refurbished or constructed over 1,100 apartment and condominium units of all sizes. He not only brings to every case almost 40 years of legal experience but also has a wealth of practical knowledge regarding business, specifically with regard to real estate development and finance.

Daral Mazzarella has been a licensed California general contractor for almost 40 years, in addition to practicing law for 30 of those years, and is intimately familiar with construction and the construction trades. Our attorneys understand not just the legal issues that arise in the cases they handle; they understand real-world practicalities that give their clients a distinct advantage over adversaries represented by attorneys without their breadth of experience and knowledge.

No one would go “under the knife” if they knew their surgeon had only operated on a real patient a couple times — if at all. If you don’t know how much real-life trial experience your lawyer has, you need to ask. Trial experience not only hones a lawyer’s skills in the courtroom, which translates to better results at trial, but knowledge of a lawyer’s lack of trial experience also can be expected to impact any settlement offer his or her opponent makes. The greatest compliment Mark Mazzarella ever received was when a client told Mark, when asked who referred him: “I asked a number of trial lawyers who they would not want to be representing the other side, and your name kept coming up.” Don’t be fooled by marble floors and expensively framed diplomas; trial experience matters. We may be few in number, but we have unparalleled experience trying business and real estate-related disputes. It is our success in those trials upon which our reputation has been built.