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Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

Partners and shareholders who are divided by disagreements over corporate governance can avoid business divorce by seeking sound legal advice from our exceptional litigation lawyers.

We are the boutique litigation law firm of Mazzarella Law APC in San Diego.

The facts that commend us do not lie. Our trial attorneys bring more than 85 years of combined experience to the benefit of our many commercial clients. Exhaustive research, thorough preparation, persuasive negotiations and aggressive arguments in court are the cornerstones of our litigation practice.

Strategic Guidance For Partnership Disputes And Shareholder Disputes In Southern California And Nationally

Much depends on your wishes and goals. Many clients want to bind their company’s wounds after considerable infighting and preserve the business. Others seek exit strategies that save face and provide fresh starts elsewhere. And then there are occasions when no winners would emerge from litigation that only drains emotions, energies and finances.

At Mazzarella Law APC, we adapt to the uniqueness of every business litigation situation, customizing our leadership to fit a client’s specific needs. If you are an owner, partner or shareholder whose company is in crisis, with conflicts that must be resolved in court, we are the lawyers for you.

We are open to your valuable ideas throughout the process, beginning with your initial consultation. Secure an appointment for this important first meeting with us by calling 619-821-9034 or communicating with us by email.