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Professional Malpractice

Licensed professionals, such as lawyers, brokers and architects, owe their clients a standard of care that meets certain standards acknowledged by the state.

When services are not provided, in a competent fashion and timely manner, and trust is betrayed, legal action may be needed to right the wrong done to a client.

We are the San Diego boutique litigation law firm that takes professional malpractice allegations personally. We show zero tolerance for negligence by professional practices. We are Mazzarella Law APC — a powerful voice for your rights in California courtrooms.

Our attorneys possess more than 85 years of combined experience. We know how to take the information we learn from you, carefully investigate it and bring our fact-finding to meaningful negotiations with insurers for licensed professionals who have shirked their responsibilities. If discussions are not productive, you will be proud of our advocacy at trial. We seek positive outcomes that reflect the cost of the defendant’s carelessness and misconduct.

Were you victimized by a negligent physician, attorney, realtor or stock broker? Did his or her mistakes cost you money and cause harm to your reputation? You have rights that must be protected — and we protect those rights every day at Mazzarella Law APC.

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