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Representative Clients

Shield Pro


  • Manchester Financial/”Papa Doug” Manchester
  • The Douglas Wilson Companies
  • The Heileman Brewing Company
  • C. R. Bard, Inc.
  • Buck Knives
  • Beal Bank
  • Fuller Ford
  • Ron Baker Chevrolet
  • Heritage Golf Group
  • Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods
  • Edward James Olmos/Olmos Marketing
  • CloudBreak Capital LLC
  • Spencer Johnson
  • Kelly Capital/Kelly Investments
  • ShieldPro LLC


  • The Center For Responsible Science
  • Horizon Christian Fellowship Church
  • Bonita Valley Christian Church
  • The Bighorn Institute


  • Manchester Financial/”Papa Doug” Manchester
  • Hensel Financial, Inc/Hensel Phelps


  • “Papa Doug” Manchester/Manchester Financial
  • Doug Wilson/The Douglas Wilson Companies
  • The City of National City/National City Redevelopment Agency
  • Lambert Development
  • Peter Janopaul/The Peter J. Block Companies
  • San Diegans For Sensible Land Use
  • William Teuscher/Teuscher Development
  • Jeff Phair/The Phair Company
  • Doug Wilson/The Douglas Wilson Companies
  • The East Village Owners Association
  • Jim’s Air


  • Resnik Family (Family of Astronaut Judy Resnik)
  • Mitt Romney (Mass. Governor/Presidential Candidate)
  • Edward James Olmos/Olmos Marketing (actor/civil rights advocate)
  • Penny Pritzker (Hyatt Hotels/Secretary of Commerce)
  • “Papa Doug” Manchester (Developer/U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas)
  • Spencer Johnson (bestselling author: The One Minute Manager, Who Moved My Cheese, etc.)
  • Michael Corona (Orange County Sheriff)
  • Jo-Ellan Dimitrius (Jury consultant: OJ Simpson, John DuPont, Enron, etc.)
  • Chrisy Russo (on-air personality Fox SD News)
  • Dr. Mike Moreno (bestselling author of The 17 Day Diet)
  • The LA County Bar Association
  • George Whitfield (ESPN Commentator and Quarterback coach)
  • Rick Moran (All Pro Guard Green Bay Packers)


  • Manchester Financial (The San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina, The Manchester Grand Hyatt, The Grand Del Mar, The Lodge at McCall, Idaho)
  • The Douglas Wilson Companies
  • McGuire Partners (The Pasadena Double Tree)
  • Custom House (The Monterey Doubletree, now the Portola)
  • Historic Hotel Partners of San Diego (The U.S. Grant)
  • Kelly Capital/Kelly Investments (Kelly Restaurant Group)
  • Heritage Golf
  • The East Village Owners Association
  • Seven Seas Associates (Mission Valley Best Western)
  • Arena Group 2000


  • Buckknives (Patent)
  • Spencer Johnson MD (author of “The One Minute Manager”/”Who Moved My Cheese”/”Value Tales) (Copyright)
  • John Wexo (With more than 100,000,000 copies of his “ZOONOOS” books in print) (Copyright)
  • Forward Ventures (Patent)
  • Nery’s USA, Inc. (Owner of the popular Mexican cheese brand, Nery’s.) (Trade Name)
  • Mark Mazzarella and Jo-Ellan Dimitrius (Copyright)
  • Utah Ventures (Patent)
  • Roger Arnold (leading economics textbook author) (Copyright)
  • Lewis Lifetime Tools (Patent)
  • Tom Shepard/Public Policy Strategies, Inc. (Trade Secrets)
  • C. R. Bard Inc. (Patent)
  • ShieldPro LLC (Patent)


  • San Diego Trust & Savings Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Bank of California
  • Security Pacific Bank
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints
  • The Sahm Family Foundation


  • “Papa Doug” Manchester/Manchester Financial
  • Penny Pritzker (Hyatt)
  • Conrad Prebys/Progress Construction
  • The H.G. Fenton Companies
  • Doug Wilson/The Douglas Wilson Companies
  • Fidelity National Financial
  • Beal Bank
  • Pacific Scene Homes
  • The Phair Company
  • McGuire Partners
  • The City of National City and The Redevelopment Agency of National City
  • Lambert Development
  • Ron & Earnie Hahn/Arena Group 2000
  • Landgrant Development Corporation
  • Davidson Communities
  • Peter Janopaul/The J. Peter Block Company
  • La Jolla Development
  • Slone Capital Partners
  • Kelly Investments
  • Kelly Capital/Kelly Investments
  • Tuchscher Development Enterprises, Inc.
  • Historic San Diego Hotels (The U.S. Grant)


  • Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods
  • The Peregrine Litigation Trust