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Big changes coming to San Diego’s waterfront

You might not have felt it, but the Port of San Diego, a portion of the Bayfront and Chula Vista recently rose 14 feet.

The Union-Tribute notes that the trio recently agreed to elevate an area in preparation for ongoing and anticipated sea level rise, as well as a $1 billion hotel and convention center. The gigantic and long-awaited commercial real estate development project is expected to generate thousands of new jobs and millions in new tax dollars.

The Chula Vista Bayfront elevation project is one of several at the Port – which manages 34 miles of waterfront real estate – in preparation for rising water levels. The miles of prime property includes housing, hotels, restaurants, parks, the airport and more.

In addition to the Bayfront project, the Port will elevate the Shelter Island boat launch by a couple of feet and build an oyster reef along the shore to curb erosion. A plan to elevate Embarcadero pier is in the design review phase.

Those of us who live or work or own businesses near the coast should be aware of the effects of climate change, said Philip Gibbons, program manager for the Port of San Diego.

“It’s really something that’s going to affect all of us. Sea level rise is not going to stop at the Port’s jurisdiction, or Encinitas’ jurisdiction, or Carlsbad. It’s something that we all have to work on,” Gibbons said.

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