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A replay of IP litigation: TiVo versus Comcast again

It has been two decades since TiVo revolutionized the world of television with its digital video recorders. Once ubiquitous, TiVo has seen its technological innovations and market share dwindle as competitors offered similar services and hardware.

The northern California company isn’t going down without a fight, however. TiVo recently announced another volley in its patent infringement fight against Comcast. The suit by the San Jose company alleges that Comcast has infringed on patents involving “cloud and multi-room DVR features.”

The executive VP and chief intellectual property officer of Rovi (a TiVo unit) said Comcast’s Xfinity X1 infringes on TiVo patents. “Litigation is always a last resort,” the spokesperson said, “but we will continue to take every necessary legal action to ensure that Comcast fairly compensates Rovi for its use of our patented innovations.”

Analysts say TiVo wants one of two things: for Comcast to drop the X1 features or to pay licensing fees for the technology.

The two companies have had an acrimonious relationship since 2016, when Comcast ceased its licensing fees to TiVo.

We are optimistic that Comcast will come to the table and pay the appropriate licensing fees to ensure their customers receive the best home entertainment services and features available,” TiVo said in a statement.

Comcast fired back with its own missive, insisting that TiVo is relying on “its increasingly obsolete patent portfolio” to bring in revenue. The company says it “will continue to defend ourselves against allegations we determine to be meritless.”

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