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Former San Diego star awarded more than $6 in business lawsuit

Though he began his professional life as quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, Drew Brees played just five seasons here before moving on to the New Orleans Saints, where he has won both a Super Bowl and the NFL’s Most Valuable Player honors.

Though Brees hasn’t been a fixture on the field here for more than a decade, he still has ties to the community. He has also had some controversy and legal disputes in our city, including a recent lawsuit Brees and his wife filed against a La Jolla jeweler. The couple was recently awarded more than $6 million in damages by a San Diego Superior Court jury in a business lawsuit alleging fraud.

Brees and his wife said the jeweler sold them $15 million of diamonds that were priced far above their real value. The jury deliberated for two days before finding that the La Jolla jeweler defrauded the couple when he claimed to be an expert in investment-quality diamond acquisition.

He apparently sold diamonds to the couple at different times between 2012 and 2016.

Two years ago, Drew and Brittany Brees took the stones to an independent appraiser who valued the gems at approximately $6.7 million less than the purchase price of the diamonds.

The couple claimed that a diamond sold to them for $8.1 million was actually valued at just $3.75 million.

The San Diego jury awarded Brees $6.13 million in damages. The star athlete testified early in the trial, but was not present when the verdict was read, a local TV station reported.

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