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What land-linked issue is concerning legions of California farmers?

When an eminent voice on the regulatory taking of private property in California speaks, affected parties listen. They recently leaned in closely to scrutinize this remark uttered by Don Odell, Director of Real Property for the state’s High-Speed Rail Authority.

“We understand the concerns of private property owners affected during the acquisition of their property,” Odell told a select audience.

Candidly, those addressed by Odell were less than enthused by his stated assurance. In fact, high numbers of farmers closely tied to the fertile fields of the San Joaquin Valley readily dismissed the director’s remark. What they stress instead is a protracted pattern of regulatory conduct that has materially diminished the value of their business operations and left them in dire straits financially.

A recent Los Angeles Times article spotlights the massive taking and/or otherwise diminution of property value featured in state land grabs tied to the ongoing development of a bullet-train scheme. Regulatory “takings” are guided by the process of eminent domain, which provides safeguards and an ostensibly fair playing field for affected private property owners.

The Times piece notes that the process is already “complicated enough, particularly in California with a maze of agencies involved.”

Affected San Joaquin farmers are not reticent about voicing deep complaints concerning their dealings with regulators. They say that mandates are unclear and ever-changing, and that owed payments are flatly delinquent.

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