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How to Handle A Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Receiving A Patent Infringement Lawsuit

No California business wants to get served with a legal suit, but it happens. Understanding the type of lawsuit and how to approach a favorable settlement is the best way to go. In the event of patent infringement, it can be a bit confusing to understand what the plaintiff is accusing you of and why. It’s usually advisable to seek out a business litigation lawyer to assist you in understanding your case.

Prepping Your Business

When you first receive that legal paperwork, you may not know what to do. It’s essential to take a breather and assess how you’re going to approach the situation. The management of your business needs to be aware of how litigation works, the possible outcomes, and the costs involved along the way. By understanding these topics, your management team can prepare for the worst-case scenario and how it will affect your overall business.

Figure Out More About Your Accuser

This is really where hiring a lawyer comes in handy. Once your management team has undergone prepping to deal with the lawsuit, it’s time to start. You’ll want to figure out everything about your accuser. Understand their company and any past dealings they’ve had with cases. You may find that they have a history of settling that you can use to your advantage during the litigation process. While learning about your accuser, you’ll also want to determine the patents they are referring to.

Consider If Settlement Is Right For Your Company

If your management team has concluded that you are at least partially liable for infringing on the accuser’s patent, then you may want to consider a settlement. It’s true that 90 percent of patent lawsuits never actually make it to trial.

Intellectual property litigation is not something any business wants to deal with. However, you must prepare your management team and take action to seek the best outcome for your business.