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Construction litigation can pursue contractors for possible scams

In San Diego, construction projects are seemingly everywhere. This includes private and commercial work. Whether it involves building from scratch, refurbishing an existing structure or performing maintenance, hiring construction companies can be complicated. Many people are unaware of what they should look for to understand if the contractor is licensed and qualified to perform the work they claim they can do. The state provides advice for hiring a contractor and gives tips on recognizing potential scams. These are directed at seniors as they are perceived to be most vulnerable, but it can apply to anyone.

Tricky contractors may use certain tactics to scam customers

Contractors who are reputable will not engage in certain behaviors. Those who are seeking to make a quick buck or simply trick people into giving them money will use various strategies to achieve their ends. If a contractor goes door to door and is offering to perform work on a person’s home, it might be an attempted scam. These individuals could present a discount to repair a roof or make a series of improvements, then disappear after being paid. Aggressive sales tactics are off-putting in any circumstance, but it is especially problematic with contractors. Not taking “no” for an answer may indicate ill intent.

Some might try and intimidate people by telling them they will be at risk of long-term issues without immediate repairs. This should be looked at warily. A verbal agreement might sound like it is well-intentioned, but the failure to have a valid contract could result in poor craftsmanship or the contractor just taking the money and leaving with the owner having no proof of what happened. Money-related scams such as insisting that the payment be made in cash or asking for a substantial down payment before any work is done is worrisome. Legally, the contractor can only ask for 10% as a down payment.

Experienced representation can help with construction cases

Construction litigation can range from issues like fraud, design mistakes, product liability, negligence, damage and more. When an owner-contractor dispute arises and it is believed that the contractor committed fraud or simply did not perform the work he or she said would be done, it could be the basis for a legal filing. Some cases can be negotiated and settled. Others will need to go to court. Regardless, it is imperative to be protected. Having comprehensive assistance can be vital to deal with any construction-related problems.