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Boundary disputes can be costly for businesses

Finding the right location in San Diego to open one’s business operations can be incredibly difficult. After considering applicable zoning regulations, ensuring compliance with city, state, and federal mandates, and agreeing to a fair and appropriate purchase price, a business owner may want nothing more than to build their facility and get their entity off the ground. A boundary dispute can quickly derail their plans.

This post will discuss boundary disputes and the types of remedies property owners can use to settle their differences. As with other legal complications that can arise in the realm of real estate law, boundary disputes can be costly and complex for individuals who are unprepared to fight for their property rights. Real estate attorneys are valuable assets for business entities engaged in challenging boundary disputes.

What is a property boundary and why do they matter?

When an entity buys a parcel of land, it pays for a specific amount of acreage or square footage within specific parameters. The title to real property may include a lengthy physical description of where the property’s boundary lines are located and how they may be identified. Within the boundaries of its property, a business can plan how it will use the land for its operations.

Boundary lines matter because they tell the property’s owner where and what they can use in the area. They also establish where other landowners cannot cross. When a boundary line is disputed and a neighboring property owner encroaches on the property of another, legal problems may arise.

Addressing boundary line disputes

When faced with a boundary line dispute, a business can choose to have their property surveyed to ensure that the line they are using is accurate. Surveys can settle boundary line disputes, but if they do not, other legal remedies may be necessary. A property owner may try to negotiate with their neighbor to agree upon a boundary line, or the property owner may choose to file a quiet title action to seek judicial intervention in settling the dispute.

Boundary line disputes can be financially costly and time-consuming. Businesses have an interest in resolving them as quickly as possible. Real estate lawyers can help their business clients manage these difficult legal matters and help them move their enterprise is forward.