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Do I have options in a dispute with a government agency?

California is a large state with a hands-on government, and many if not most businesses in the San Diego area will at some point have dealings with a state agency or a local San Diego governmental authority. While these encounters are frequently routine, in some cases, a business or nonprofit organization may find itself legally at odds with the local or state government.

In some cases, the dispute arises because the government is attempting to enforce a law against a business without good cause. In other situations, the government may refuse to follow its own rules or regulations to the detriment of an organization.

A government agency, like any other business, also can enter into enforceable agreements which they legally must follow. If a government breaches its contractual obligations with a private business, the business may have legal options.

Likewise, although there are special rules which a plaintiff will have to follow in order to pursue a claim, government entities can also be sued if they are liable for a personal injury or other tort.

Litigation against a government agency requires skill, experience

Even if a business has a good claim against the government, it should still expect a stiff legal fight. Governments are frequently able to tap into their resources in order to battle lawsuits.

Moreover, the laws and regulations which are in play are often complicated by many details.

For example, the California Environmental Quality Act, in essence, requires governments to consider the environmental impact of their projects and to make sure the public is aware of this impact. If an organization feels that an agency violated this law, it may have a legal remedy.

However, this Act has been interpreted by many court decisions, regulations and other procedures which the organization will need to understand and apply to the situation.