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The first step is important: Pleadings in business litigation

When discussing business litigation in California, it is a good idea to start at the beginning – the “pleadings.” These are the documents that are filed with a court at the very start of a lawsuit, consisting of filings from both the “plaintiff” and “defendant.”

In a typical lawsuit, the first pleading is commonly referred to as a “complaint.” This is the document that states, in detail, what the allegations in the case are and what sort of remedy the plaintiff is seeking. For example, a complaint in a construction law dispute might provide the details of an alleged breach of contract. In response, a defendant will typically file an “answer.” In that document, the defendant will provide details of how it views the validity of the allegations in the complaint, how it will respond and, in some cases, whether or not a counterclaim will be pursued. In short, the pleadings in a lawsuit provide a broad overview of what the case will be about.

Your case, your facts

In any given lawsuit that is filed as part of business litigation in California, the facts will be unique to each case. Your business law dispute will differ quite a bit from other disputes and, as a result, the litigation strategy in your case must also be unique. However, the pleadings are a crucial first step in any business litigation strategy.

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