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Commercial Leases

At Mazzarella Law APC in San Diego, we extend our quality legal services to a wide range of business tenants and commercial landlords for lease disputes anywhere in Southern California.

Our skilled attorneys possess more than 85 years of combined experience with complex real estate matters such as disputes over commercial leases and breaches of lease agreements.

Our firm is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate laws in general, and commercial lease contracts in particular. At Mazzarella Law APC, our lawyers are proficient at interpreting what constitutes a favorable lease, offering insightful review of lease agreements, drafting of lease agreements that meet a client’s specific needs, and generating resolutions for commercial lease disputes delivered in timely, cost-efficient ways.

For Commercial Lease Litigants, A Powerful Voice For Your Rights In The Courtroom

Do you understand the terms of the lease in question and the other party’s obligations stated in the lease? Were your legal interests protected during its development, negotiation and drafting? Are you seeking an early termination of your lease?

You receive thorough, honest answers to these and any other questions you might have, at your initial consultation with Mazzarella Law APC. We invite you to call our law offices at 619-821-9034 or remain online to reach us by email message.